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  • 19th December 2021

    New Breathing Space benches at Fife College campuses

    Fife College has placed special Breathing Space benches at each of their campuses to give students and staff a dedicated space to find time for their health and wellbeing. The benches, which have been installed to coincide with the College’s ‘Get Ready for Christmas’ health and wellbeing campaign, have been placed in the grounds of the College’s campuses to promote kindness and everyday positive relationships. Part of the College’s commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing ...

  • 14th December 2021

    You Matter, We Care

    The Breathing Space ‘You Matter, We Care’ campaign encourages Scots to care for others and was launched in 2019. In turbulent times positive caring relationships are particularly important. Tony McLaren, National Coordinator of Breathing Space, said: “We receive many calls to our helpline from people who are going through a stage in their life where they may be feeling isolated or lonely. Perhaps it’s a neighbour a couple of doors down, a work colleague you don’t know ...

  • 26th November 2021

    St Andrew’s Day

    Sharing kindness and connecting with others is just as important now as it has ever been, and St Andrew’s Day is a significant moment to celebrate our community spirit and continued resilience. Every gesture of kindness can make a difference to our mental wellbeing. Whether Scotland is your home or holds a special place in your heart, you can find out more about the range of in person and on line activities for St Andrew’s Day by visiting and joining ...

  • 8th September 2021

    Wellbeing Tournament

    An inaugural wellbeing tournament on Saturday 11th September will mark Musselburgh Golf Club’s first steps to becoming a mentally healthy golf club. Teaming up with Breathing Space and the charity Samaritans, alongside partners Network Rail, the Club aims to drive conversations to support better mental health locally. Stuart Wright, Captain of Musselburgh Golf Club, said: “Just as we have physical health, we all have mental health too. As a club we recognise that golf can connect people and ha ...

  • 7th September 2021

    College unveils Breathing Space bench

    A special Breathing Space bench has been unveiled by Borders College at their Netherdale campus in Galashiels The bench is part of a growing number being installed across the country, including colleges, universities and other community settings. Borders College Equalities Officer/Students’ Association Support Officer Amy Brydon, who has been involved in the initiative, commented: “Sometimes it can be difficult to start a conversation, to ask questions and check if someone is really OK. Often ...

  • 30th August 2021

    Volunteers share their views

    A group of volunteers with experience of mental health problems helped share their views of what’s going well and what could be better with the new Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, Kevin Stewart MSP. See me, Scotland’s programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination, organised the two virtual sessions, which featured input from youth champions and volunteers as well as representatives with lived experience from a wide range of partner organisations. Participan ...

  • 6th July 2021

    Empowering people in recovery

    The Scottish Recovery Network have developed a series of short films and animations exploring what peer support means to different people. Here is a 2 minute animation (the link takes you to the Scottish Recovery Network YouTube channel) from peer worker and mental health campaigner Scott Baker.

  • 10th May 2021

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, where the theme is nature. Nature has a major role to play in protecting and supporting our mental health. Millions of us turned to nature during the pandemic and it has brought in to sharp focus the importance of our green spaces and natural environments. Whether you live in the city or in a more rural location, even small contacts with nature can reduce feelings of isolation and be effective in protecting your mental health and preventing distress. This ...

  • 12th April 2021

    Spring Step Count Challenge

    Scottish walking charity, Paths For All, have launched their Step Count Challenge for a happier, healthier, greener Scotland. The Spring Step Count Challenge starts 3rd May – 27th June but you can also run your own bespoke Step Count Challenge for your workplace at a time that suits you. You will need 5 team members – with the aim of keeping active, staying connected and having some fun along the way! Regular exercise can boost your mood and help to relieve stress. Walking is a simple ...

  • 1st February 2021

    It’s National Breathing Space Day!

    We’re encouraging everyone in Scotland to make some time for their mental health. Supporting mental wellbeing through activities such as exercise and relaxation is particularly important during these times of heightened stress and anxiety. Here’s a clip showing some of the work taking place in the Borders through the Breathing Space Bench Project to create welcoming spaces within communities.

    Breathing Space Day 2021

    Breathing Space Day 2021

  • 18th January 2021

    Let’s get through winter together

    Volunteer Glasgow have been working alongside the Campaign to End Loneliness and Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, to promote a Winter Mental Health Campaign aimed primarily at those who may be feeling lonely or isolated this winter. See the digital version of ‘Let’s get through winter together’ or order hardcopies for individuals and groups, by making an enquiry here.

  • 4th January 2021

    Making time for mental health

    National Breathing Space Day takes place on 1st February each year, encouraging Scots to ‘take some breathing space’ for better mental wellbeing This last year has been an especially challenging time, meaning it’s more important than ever to prioritise mental wellbeing. Making time for activities which help improve mental health such as enjoying nature, listening to music, or staying in touch with friends and family can help. Breathing Space Day also highlights the support availa ...

    Breathing Space Day 2021

    Breathing Space Day 2021

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