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Opening hours

Weekdays: Monday-Thursday 6pm to 2am

Weekend: Friday 6pm-Monday 6am

This service is for people in Scotland

Need to talk?

We’re here to listen

When you phone Breathing Space, your call will be answered by one of our specialist advisors. They come from a range of mental health, counselling and social work backgrounds.

We understand that you might feel nervous about picking up the phone and unsure about what to expect. Our advisors appreciate this and will give you the time, whether you want to talk or not.

The service is open when other support such as family, friends, or GPs may be unavailable. You can speak about what’s on your mind or ask about helpful resources in your area. Find out more about what happens when you call us.

“I’m not sure why I’ve called”

Sometimes when people call, they’re not sure why they’re phoning. They just need some space to think about why they’re feeling anxious.

It’s always better to open up and speak about your anxieties or stresses sooner rather than later. Don’t bottle things up and wait for the problems to get worse.

What happens when you call us?

Speak to us in confidence

  1. One of our specialist advisors will answer your call. You can ask to speak to a man or a woman.
  2. Our advisors are here to listen. You only need to talk when you are ready.
  3. We can offer advice and, if appropriate, let you know about help in your local area for more specific problems. You may wish to have a pen and paper handy in case the advisor gives you details of phone numbers or addresses.
  4. If your call lasts for a while that’s okay. The advisor will only bring your call to an end on feeling that you have talked through your concerns sufficiently. If you feel you would benefit from speaking more, please call again another time.
  5. Our hope is that when you phone Breathing Space you will feel listened to and respected no matter why you contact us. Always feel free to let us know the quality of the service you received. Your views are always welcome and encouraged.
  6. Our staff will listen with compassion and respect to everyone who contacts us by phone or webchat. Breathing Space asks that when you contact the service you treat our staff in the same manner. We do not tolerate abusive language or behaviour during calls or chats.

If you’re worried or down, pick up the phone. We’re here to listen.

Webchat lets you message our specialist advisors in real time, as an alternative to phoning us.

Webchat is available:

  • Monday to Friday, 6.00pm to 2.00am
  • Saturday and Sunday, 4.00pm to 12.00am

Using webchat

The webchat displays as a button, that now pops up in the bottom right corner of your screen on all pages, that says ‘Available to chat’.

If the pop up button does not display, our advisors are unavailable at this time. If you need immediate support, the quickest way to get in touch is to phone 0800 83 85 87 to speak to an advisor.

Our Breathing Space advisors are still available to contact by phone on 0800 83 85 87 if you need to talk. Calls are free and won’t show up on your bills. The Breathing Space phoneline is available 24 hours at weekends (6pm Friday tp 6am Monday), and 6pm to 2am on weekdays (Monday to Thursday).

If you need mental health support out with these times, NHS 24 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 111.

If you’re under 16

Breathing Space is for people aged 16 and over. If you’re under 16, there are other services that can provide the help you need.

111, Childline and Samaritans are free, open 24 hours a day and won’t appear on your phone bill. 


Anyone in Scotland can phone 111 and choose the mental health option. You’ll speak to an NHS mental health adviser who can offer support and advice.

They can also give you details of other services who can help you.


People under 19 can confidentially phone, chat online or email about any problem big or small. You can phone them on 0800 11 11.

You can also sign up for a free Childline locker (real name or email address not needed) to use their free 1-2-1 counsellor chat and email support service.


Samaritans is a confidential listening service. This means you can talk through your concerns, worries and troubles. They won’t make decisions for you, or tell you what to do. You can phone them on 116 123.

What should I do in a crisis or emergency?

If you need immediate help, call NHS 24 on 111 or Samaritans on 116 123. You can also contact your GP.

For an emergency ambulance dial 999.

If you need emotional support speak to a Breathing Space advisor on 0800 83 85 87. It is open 24 hours at the weekends and from 6pm to 2am on weekdays (Mon-Thurs).

Other information

Breathing Space opening hours

24 hours at weekends (6pm Friday – 6am Monday).

6pm to 2am on weekdays (Monday – Thursday).

Phone and speak to a Breathing Space advisor on 0800 83 85 87.

Use a textphone to contact Breathing Space on 18001 0800 83 85 87, or use the Relay UK app.

Free to call

Breathing Space is free to phone from a landline and any mobile phone network.

The phone number won’t show up in telephone bills.

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Breathing Space is available for anyone in Scotland over the age of 16. Childline can provide help and advice about a wide range of issues on 0800 1111 or

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